Donate $50 for 10 masks    Donate $100 for 20 masks    Donate $250 for 50 masks     Donate $500 for 100 masks 

Donate $1000 for 200 masks 

As an executive order was put in place and put a halt to Plaza Park Interiors' workroom production of drapery and upholstery. Morris Mayer, owner of Plaza Park Interiors, quickly assembled his staff and we transitioned our workroom to manufacturing masks and donating them to those on the front lines. We are also assisting in the coordination of a local grassroots effort to facilitate the sewing, making and distributing of masks to local hospitals and health care facilities to help with the critical shortage of these masks.

These masks are being used to extend the life of the N-95 masks by covering the masks with these washable ones. 

We have set up this page for those that would like to help us keep the mask making production going after our financial capacity has been reached. The proceeds from mask donations will go towards the salaries of our employees working hard in this time of need as well as to purchase the supplies needed to ensure the continued production of the masks.


Your donation can help us continue to keep up with the increased demand for the masks

Here is a link to a nice little write up we received from the Scarsdale Inquirer.


you can also mail checks to:

Plaza Park Interiors

100 Sprague Rd

Scarsdale, NY 10583


Questions please call 914-200-5959



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