OUR MISSION:  To prevent future drownings. 

​After hearing similar stories of other families suffering similar tragedies and learning drowning is the Number one cause of death in children aged 1-4, we have decided to try to change that. 

  • Most often drowning occurs when young children have access to water, but they were not meant to be swimming.

  • And drowning in this age group happens in Seconds.

  • This is a Water Guardian Tag









  • This tag should be worn by a designated adult ANY TIME children have access to water

  • The adult wearing this tag is responsible for the safety of the children.

We are partnering with WestMed Pediatrics, Westchester Board of Health, Swim Tank and local Nursery Schools to provide Water Guardian Tags to as many families with children under 5 as possible.

Water safety is complex, and there is not just one simple fix. Ultimately, our culture needs to change how it perceives water. Since we cannot escape water, let's embrace this fact by learning to enjoy it while also staying safe. Water MUST be respected. Once babies are mobile, they MUST learn water competency. Safety and survival skills MUST be prioritized over teaching our children that water is fun. 

Spreading smiles for Saige is working to increase awareness of the real truth about drowning. We are grateful for such continued support from our own community, as well as that from organizations and strangers from around the world.

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